2 Days - Immerse Yourself in an Experience

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ATTN:  Heart-Spirited folks who are ready for a quantum leap

What would YOUR life look like if you Finally could attract more abundance
in all areas of your life? Money, Health, Relationships, Spirituality and more.

This LIVE experience is for those who want to TRANSCEND
 where they are, get clarity and start attracting more!

This is not just an event. Or, a seminar or conference. This a full blown, two day acceleration workshop where you
immerse yourself so you can transcend your current limitations and start manifesting the life you want.

February 7 & 8 - 2015
                                                                                Minneapolis, MN      

If you feel like you've tried everything already - come and experience something different.

You don't have to do it alone anymore - attend and participate in this intimate immersion where
you'll experience  growth and healing like you never have before.

  This is for you if . . .

You feel stuck and have to get out of your rut 
 You are not quite sure what's holding you back (or your money back)

You have fears or doubts about money, health, relationships, career, etc.
You are anxious and don't know why
You are tired of 'trying' to figure it all out on your own
You are not sure what your blocks might be, but you're sick and tired of them!
You want to find out how to really raise your vibration so you can live the life you want
You don't know what to do about your situation but are ready to let go of small or large past traumas
You are so ready to FINALLY let go of whatever is stopping you from having awesome relationships, money,
         health, career, joy and more!

You know you deserve more, NOW!

        Now is the time to let go, get clarity and receive what you want in your life

  *TRANSCEND: (to go beyond the limits, to triumph over restrictive aspects, to rise above) 

Yes!  That's me, I don't need to read any further, sign me up!


Now Just $427 
(Easy 3-Pay Option available too!)
Limited Time Special Pricing
Regular Price $597
Limited Seating Available to keep it Intimate and Powerful - Lunch provided both days

In 2 Days you can take a Quantum Leap
Under the guidance of a Master of EFT, Life Breakthrough Success Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer - Kim Eisen

everyone has fears and doubts - blocks and unconscious non-beneficial beliefs. Yet, most don't know what they are.  Then, they wonder why they're not getting the real results they want in their lfie. If you've spend a good deal of time criticizing yourself for something you haven't manifested in your life, don't you think it's time to get out of the continuous loop and release the blocks that weaken your ability to create? Your soul is yearning for you to do something about it, now

you don't have to do it alone and we can work Quickly and Easily to help you open your heart and move forward.  We're going to go deep and work fast and intuitively so you can have some life breakthroughs.  No more taking years trying to unravel what's wrong - so you can start living the life you want now in all areas of life.

The first thing you should know is . . .

                                      "SHIFTS Do Not Happen in Your Living Room"

. . . or from behind your computer.  You absolutely need to get out of your regular environment and immerse yourself in something that will help you transcend where you are and benefit your life.  To experience something differently.  To learn things you don't even know you don't know. If you are not willing to do this, you will most likely be in the same place next year as you are right now.  This intimate immersion will help you transcend where you are.. I'm determined to give you the best I have to help you become you and surpass your own limits.

It is my mission to help heart-spirited people to release the past and unconscious limiting beliefs and blocks so they don't have to feel that pain of knowing there is something more for them and not know what to do about it. 
It's TIME now to have the relationships, money, health, spirituality and joy you deserve!

Oh, Yes - Yes, we'll be doing a lot of EFT tapping as well.

Why Should I Attend TRANSCEND Immersion?

  Just like the description above, you're going to transcend and
go beyond where you are now by immersing yourself for 2 Days.

  You'll get one-on-one help and experience borrowing
           the benefits from this small intimate group as we release the past.

  You'll discover what's stopping you from manifesting the life you want!

  You'll learn how to start manifest the life you want!

  You'll leave with 4 Life Modules to continue your work.

  You'll gain more confidence, clarity, and open your Sacred Heart to life.
                                                                                                (the command center for all your desires)

  You'll gather with like-minded heart-spirited folks and be able to share
           and form friendships.

   (And, Yes, we'll be tapping through your barriers too!) 

Working with the guidance of someone experienced gets faster results

              Hear what others had to say . . . .

   "I think I just got part of my soul back"
   "Kim has really got a gift and her great sense of things
    was amazing"                               ~ Janine F, Costa Rica

   "I got a new job making a lot more money"

   "I was afraid, but had to try something. You helped take
    me from my darkest days to starting my own business
    after our work together"                       ~ Cathy L, MN

   "Kim, thank you for changing my life in 8 minutes"

   "Thank you for taking me from $3000 per month to
   $12,000 per month by getting rid of my money blocks"   
                                                                   ~ Anthony, CA

   "I have fondly named you 'The Pain Eater"
                                                                                       ~ Darcie L, CO

"Working with Kim was like therapy on steroids"
                                                                                        ~ Mike G, MN

   "Run - don't walk - to work with Kim"

   "I didn't think it could happen, that my emotional pain
    could be gone! You are like beautiful, loving, enthusiastic
    focused pain transformer and in your intense and focused
    way, you happily and lovingly search out the pain to
    dissolve it the 'Get the Job Done!' -  How Delightful!" 

   "Thank you for my new found freedom"

   "Abuse led me to think 'I' was crazy and I didn't think life
    could every get any better and I just had to handle the
    way it was. You made me realize that wasn't true because
    you said 'When you handle it, you just hold it down,
    you want to release it . . . permanently'. 
With your help,
    the release I've gotten makes me want to get up every
    day. Now I have hope and see a better future".   

                                                           ~ Prefer to remain anonymous

"My experience with Kim was one of the most
     spiritually rigorous and rewarding experience of
     this life's journey"                                   
~ Don S, IL

    Seriously - Imagine it being easier . . .   
         To attract more abundance into your life
         Create healthy and joyful relationships
        Feel relaxed when life throws you a loop

        Have more clarity on what's right for you
        Feel great in your body
        Have more joy in your life! 


Yes! I want to TRANSCEND where I am!

Take advantage of the special pricing bonus NOW!

Why Should 'I' Go?
If you released one or more huge blocks, how would your life be different?
If you FINALLY got rid of the self-saboteur that has stopped you for so long,
what would that be worth?

Start  to really manifest things in your life
Quickly and Easily

Ex potentially
, what would that be worth to re-connect with your soul? 
What if you learned one thing that could change your life forever, what would that do for you?

If you could have more clarity and ease in making future decisions,
  does that sound good?

If you got rid of some fears or doubts and they no longer stood in
your way
would that make a difference for you?

If your relationships, health or thoughts improved dramatically, can
you imagine what your life would be like?

Even the BEST people struggle with their own blocks (you are not alone).
Whether it's worthiness, confidence or a spiritual connection you deserve to
get the support you need.

ALSO, Experience the 
NEW!  Money Mastery Method with the Review - Release - Receive process

I'm going to give you as much as I can in the two days

We're going to keep the group small so I can serve you in an intimate way
and we can do some real work together.

Who should not attend?

  • Anyone who is not ready to surrender and release
  • Anyone who doesn't want to have fun
  • Anyone who thinks they know everything already
  • Anyone who isn't ready for a fabulous change

               "The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are"

For a low cost to work with Kim personally in a small intimate group setting
for 2 days that can change the direction of the rest of your life
how can you not INVEST in yourself and your life.

Yes! I'm ready to TRANSCEND where I am!

on February 7th & 8th - in Minneapolis, MN
(Limited availability - Lunch provided)

Regular Price $597

  2 Days - Now Just $427  ($170 savings)
Limited Time Special Pricing

OR . . .

3 EASY Pay Option: Only $147  ($156 savings)

***BONUS if you sign up now - receive Kim's 'Daily Manifestation' CD (digital download)

See you there!  Hugs, Kim

Location:  Ramada Inn - Bloomington, MN
(near the airport and across the street from Mall of America)

Details sent to registrants
Special Room Rate of $89 to 'TRANSCEND' participants
Hotel # 952-854-3411

Time:  9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (registration starts at 8:30 a.m.)
Lunch is on me!

Have any questions or problems, we're happy to help, please email us at:  wecare@DoEFT.com
or (888) 451-HEAL (4325)


"Today, for me, was a day of giant steps to happiness"

"Kim, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your presentation and the content you are working with.
  But, what I was most moved by was your sincerity and kindness!!!  I'm afraid I've been pretty messed up for
  an awful long time and searching desperately for some relief from so much fear, pain, betrayal, etc.  Today,
  for me, was a day of giant steps toward normalcy, happiness and ability to cope.  All because of you!!!"

"I hope you are aware of how special you are to be able to take us through the steps to this new 'horizon' and
  to share it so well with lost souls!  Thanks Kim for being exactly who I knew you were.  You are so
  incredibly special and unique!!!  Thanks so much!  Hugs, Barb

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